What Is International Marketing?

The marketing process does not only consist of buying and selling, but also includes the ability to analyze the changing sector, developing situations, people and the market. The marketing process is that companies deliver their products and services to consumers with a specific strategy. It is the best implementation of the strategies achieved. In the marketing industry, people first market their products and want to be discovered, and then they become acquainted with marketing. The goal is always to go to growth, the sector that does not go to growth is doomed to shrink in itself, and this is evidence of exhaustion. Currently, the understanding of marketing is consumer-oriented and focuses on meeting consumer wants and needs.  Marketing activities can be grouped into five main groups as” Sunday information collection“,” finished product planning and development“,” pricing“,” promotion” and distribution”. . In line with the trend of globalization, which have gained importance in recent years, international marketing “global” consumer needs in a better way from competing in domestic and international businesses and determination, fulfillment, and marketing activities coordinating macro environment. In other words, international marketing is the process of planning and implementation in multiple countries related to the development, pricing and distribution of goods, services, ideas to realize the change that will achieve business goals.

The development of the marketing sector brings opening up to international markets, which is an indicator of sophistication. Currently, limitations lifted and technology has increased, because of this, too the trade did of development. it is the entire marketing activities carried out by multinational enterprises. Thanks to the developing technology, international marketing is increasing rapidly not only through the sector, but also through social media.  Advertising is a way of opening up to the international market with sponsors and digital marketing. And with digitalization, we can open up more markets, which is a high advantage for us. Thanks to digital marketing, the marketing sector is no longer growing only regionally, it is becoming a global Sunday as well as national marketing. Global market, international market, multinational market and regional marketing, the marketing strategy’s it is to very well know for develop. many have marketing strategies; you have a good business plan, this section outlines your overall advertising plan for how to find and attract customers or customers with your business. Business plan and marketing strategy are sister concepts, and when one of the two is missing, business planning can be disrupted and the marketing network can decline. Market strategy is not just a marketing benefit; Although product service, production and marketing and trade fall under different concepts, market strategy is generally a necessary concept.

International marketing, global marketing and multinational marketing are always doomed to discover and improve. If it does not improve, it will decline as we said before. International marketing is known as the marketing activities of multinational businesses. These enterprises have exceeded the export stage and are businesses that do not discriminate on the market. They are the types of marketing that are at advanced levels, however, exports have reached a significant share in their total sales, and even the concept of international marketing is used for businesses operating only for the markets of other countries. The more nations you open, the more the market means the sector is at an advanced level and this gives a positive position. The economic burden of the companies increases day by day and they are in search of a new market. Searching for new markets means increasing the level of development. One of the most important advantages in the international market is that it has higher earning rates as well as national marketing options. Different markets are effective for companies to reach much wider audiences. This creates more advantages than normal markets.

The main objectives of the business are also effective in export behavior and decisions. Growing the business is not just a matter of import. If you only make purchases with imports, growth cannot be achieved in the desired way. Exports are essential for growth at every point. In addition to the aim of profitability, the first method of a business that seeks stability and aims to achieve growth with long-term profitability may be to turn to exports. The size and top management of the business also play an important role in making export decisions. International marketing deals with markets at the micro level and deals with the business as the unit of analysis. Here, the focus of the analysis is how and why a product succeeds or fails abroad and how marketing efforts affect this result. Marketing is generally affected by these effects in the healthiest way after the right export, and this is something that the operator has in his hand, if he knows how to use and manage the market, it proceeds in a planned manner in imports and exports.

There are some ways to market internationally and these are divided into;

  • Export
  • Multilingual website
  • Give franchise
  • Joint venture
  • Direct investment

Export: It is the easiest way to get outside of national markets. It is to offer the product you produce to the foreign market and to provide an additional source of income to the country. Exporting provides direct or indirect access to the foreign market. In your indirect export activities, companies get support from trading companies where they can sell products and services to other countries. In direct export activities, they directly market their own products or services to foreign markets and companies. In this process, they can establish export departments in the country, open an overseas sales branch where they can carry out promotional activities and provide sales, they can assign sales representatives who have no travel restrictions abroad, or they can make sales abroad through distributors.

Multilingual Web Site: Companies are now using the digital environment to carry out their marketing activities and to promote their products and services in the international arena. Such a website has been set up in order to be more recognized and open up internationally. By setting up an international website, you can reach your customers through your website. By setting up an international website, you can reach your customers through your website. You can set up a corporate website that will allow you to promote your products and services in widely spoken languages such as English, French, German and the official language of the country you are targeting.

Give Franchise: This trade type, which has increased in recent years, is developing very firmly. Companies grow their networks by giving brands to other people in order to grow their own brands. Thus, in a corporate structure, they can provide quality service in different countries and increase your market share.

Joint Venture: One of the opportunities that locally operating companies can use to open up to international markets is to obtain joint ventures. These joint ventures can speed up their international activities by conducting joint projects with companies in their target country in order to develop companies and their projects.

Direct Investment: Firms can also make direct investments in other countries in order to market their products or services. By establishing your own facilities in a different country, you can become a part of local activities there. You can show the institutionalism of your brand to your consumers by investing in different countries. Direct investment is more profitable than indirect investment. The earned budget directly goes into its own account. Profit belongs to the firm.

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