What is Cold Chain Logistics?

Although cold chain logistics is generally known as cold logistic, it means the transportation of frozen and cold products in the terminological sense. If we make a general definition, cold products are transported to frigoed vehicles and loaded again on frigoed vehicles, so no other system is used for products to be transported cold. Cold chain logistics is known a transport chain. Cold chain logistics is used more today. This logistics sub-branch, which emerges from the need for excess, is an open and wide logistics area. The main reasons why it is indispensable in this area, which is mostly used for frozen products; reliable and long-lasting. They do not have much breakfast, dinner, tea cultur etc. So they are generally used frozen product. Cold chain logistics is widely used not only in cold products but also in packaged products. As long as the room temperature and packaging are made of high quality, it can be transported reliably with cold chain logistics.

In order for the products to be transported in cold chain logistics, first of all, the production systems must be frozen at a sufficient level under the required conditions. Since the protection and transportation of each product is different, the priority is to make it solid in the production facility. subsequent to refrigerated, It should be transported by transports that have features such as trucks with cooling units.

Usage Areas of Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain management includes all the tools that have been used to maintain a constant temperature (+2 degrees Celsius to +8 degrees Celsius) for a product that is not heat resistant (vaccines, serums, tests, etc.) cold chain logistics is always needed, especially; regulation changed, move date changed, of momentary need and Cold chain logistics is needed wherever many new standards need to be developed. 

  • In the transportation of medical products, In the logistics of drugs that need to provide heat preservation for a long time and stay away from heat.
  • Transport of food products for hours and kilometers without deterioration.
  • Transporting products that need to be kept cold with the help of dry ice and ice batteries
  • In the transport of food blood, agency, medicine
  • In the transport of vegetables and fruits
  • Simple warehouse
  • Thermomechanical cooling
  • It is cold air storage while there is no atmosphere control

Why Important Cold Chain Logistics?

Cold chain, To prevent the formation of harmful microorganisms and bacteria from the point of production to the point of consumption and to ensure that they remain at the appropriate temperature, they are stored in cold areas for packaged or frozen products. Other important concepts in cold chain logistics are delivering products at suitable temperatures to the desired point without breaking their resistance. There are important features that companies providing cold chain logistics services should pay attention to; Good temperature, bringing the vehicle to the required temperature before the product is loaded into the vehicle, ensuring that the storage: cold, dull, cool, and temperature levels are maintained at the appropriate temperature. that the equipment used in the warehouse does not damage the food product being stored, for example; Electric forklifts must be used as a forklift, appropriate pallets must be used, the personnel working in the warehouse must be properly clothed and have adequate professional competence. cold chain logistics first found a mechanical cooling system for the protection of pharmaceutical products and food in the 2nd World War. This transportation system, which was not used much in our country before, has passed to us from the western culture and has been used recently, so it is of great importance. cold chain logistics is a system with high communication and coordination. It is necessary for all stakeholders for activities that create added value.

  • There are some important points for refrigerant stores of cold chain logistics; relative humidity, temperature, ventilation, air component, air movement.
  •  There are some important considerations in cold storage management; pre-cooling shock, controlled atmosphere storage, refrigerants etc.

It is quickly taken to the cold room after a series of checks shaped according to the type of fresh food and the quality and assurance understanding of the companies. Fresh and frozen foods are offered for sale in different temperature aisles according to their types. Aisle temperature controls should be carried out continuously using various methods. In other words, cold chain logistics is a sensitive area and requires a lot of attention, as long as these issues are taken into consideration, it will become an even more important system today.

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