What Is The Freight Forwarder?

Freight forwarders are all individuals or companies engaged in international transport. includes all the works doer,  vargo, feeder, sea, air, iron, pipeline, project transportation. every works end reaches again forwarder. Import export, foreign trade, customs, E-Commerce, logistics, warehouse, warehouse etc. All work is done with freight forwarders. First of all, it is the apple of the eye of all these sectors and companies. is divided into certain sections. We have all come to the conclusion that it is not possible to reach every field with a single working method. It cannot do a single business with a single type of transportation and provides support from a certain point to other certain points by means of transfer. In particular, it provides support as a “Feeder” in maritime transport and helps to reduce the load at the ports.

If a company or individual is dealing with import and export business, it must be an agreement with a forwarder company. Most of the time, forwarder companies that introduce themselves as logistics companies or forwarders are actually institutions that carry out their transactions on commission without having any means of transportation.  While some forwarders operate as a single-office small business, others are huge global companies with local headquarters in many international countries with high-income large businesses. However, there is an important situation that should be known that the service they provide is the same regardless of the size of the scale, small, medium or large, only differs in terms of financial and reputation. Freight forwarders’ overall job is to make things a lot easier for both freight owners and carriers. It provides easier operation by separating the flow of traffic, freights and waiting loads.

Today, logistics and transportation business is increasing day by day. In addition to these, the work of the personnel who do import and export works in customs firms is also intense and these transactions are facilitated as long as they do business with the forwarder company in order to prevent them from getting more difficult. Loading schedules are affected by many issues such as whether a cargo is ready to be loaded from production, whether payment is received, and the urgency of the buyer. Freight forwarders are also interested in the last minute situations such as spot prices, last minute shipments, cancellations of shipments, postponed shipments or not, and they need to help the situation. Freight forwarders also have special options. It carries out project transportation that requires special expertise. Forwarder companies can also provide customs, storage and consultancy services to exporters and importers. Forwarder companies also provide door-to-door transportation services. Functions of freight forwarder companies in general; It can be listed as bringing together companies in international trade and transporters at a common point, providing communication by carrying out the operation between the importer and exporter, planning, monitoring and controlling the logistics processes, managing the legal processes, and preparing the necessary documents during the transportation process. Freight forwarders are also: insurance, warehousing and warehousing services; packaging, barcode and labeling; operations and dispatch management, logistics cost planning; distribution, stock, demand and customer relationship management; reporting, performance evaluation; plays an active role in tax legislation transactions, coordination and communication processes.


  • Right Customer
  • Right Product
  • Right Amount
  • Right Price
  • Right Place
  • Right Time
  • Accurate Quality


  1. Logistics Management
  2. Transport Organization
  3. Determination Of The Type Of Transport
  4. Carrier Selection
  5. Storage
  6. Clearance
  7. Insurance


  1. National and international organizations
  2. Legal regulations
  3. Relevant ministries and undersecretariats
  4. Customs etc.
  5. Logistics environment
  6. Carriers and transport operators
  7. Agencies
  8. Warehouse and warehouse operators
  9. Insurance operators
  10. Customs brokers
  11. Marketing environment
  12. Market and competition structure
  13. Economic, political, natural, technological, socio-cultural demographic environments
  14. Business resources
  15. Marketing strategy and tactics
Freight Forwarder


  1. Agent
  2. Forwarder
  3. Exporter
  4. Forwarder
  5. International Carrier
  6. Importer


Businesses; Increasing quality, reducing transportation costs, optimizing capabilities, increasing customer satisfaction, minimizing possible problems during the transportation of products with high load, getting rid of recycling costs, gaining agility against the market, responding to fluctuations in demand, increasing stock speed and transportation. cooperates with such businesses to provide strategic solutions in the sector.

In line with the demand from the customer, forwarders also make the operation planning. The forwarder carries out not only the movement of the goods, but also the planning related to the quality of the goods during the movement. For example, if a load needs to be transported in a certain temperature range, it is the forwarder’s job to find and plan a transportation vehicle that will meet the relevant conditions.

Logistics many times; a good, product or cargo; We defined it as the delivery from one point to another using different logistics channels. In this important process, companies that act as a bridge between carriers, shipowners and cargo owners, that organize them, and are responsible for the time from the stage of loading the goods to the ship, truck, train or plane until they are delivered to the final destination are called “freight forwarders”. Freigt forwarders enrich the service to be obtained from logistics providers and transfer them to the cargo owners. Freigh forwarder companies do not have their own planes, ships, trucks or fleets. However, these companies, which have strong relationships and agreements with many freight carriers in the market, can professionally manage all logistics processes with much more advantageous numbers and conditions than any freight owner can get from the market individually.

Freight Forwarder


Single Service Providers: They provide general logistics services to one or several large-scale companies, covering land, rail, sea or air transport, as well as storage, customs clearance, insurance operations.

Special Service Providers: Apart from general logistics services, they provide project-based logistics services specific to the goods transported. Valuable, dangerous, cold, hot or heavy items; transportation of solid, liquid, gaseous chemicals and their storage, customs clearance, insurance processes. Customer profiles are limited in number and are based on long-term business relationships.

Connected Service Providers: Fields of activity; Pallet, container, transportation vehicles, packaging supply services, collection of recycling and production wastes, fast courier and package services in combined transportation. Their relationships with their customers are volatile and short-lived.

System Service Providers: They offer integrated logistics systems. They structure the specific logistics works required by a particular employer in a rational, reliable and high quality. It provides a close-knit set of services under a long-term contract with a particular employer. Within the scope of the defined task, it undertakes the entire service together with its quality and financial responsibilities.

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