Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal transport, two or more modes of transport with the same means of transport by using  (Highway, railway, seaway, airway) and It is the mode of transportation in which the loads in the vehicle are not subjected to any handling during mode changes.

In intermodal transportation, handling is not done while changing the transportation model, It stands out as an efficient, time-scheduled, low-cost and environmentally friendly transportation model.

For Example: After the vehicle spare parts we want to transport intermodally are loaded on the trailer from Izmit, the trailers are brought to the port by road to Istanbul and transferred to the Ro-Ro Ship from Istanbul by sea until the port of Trieste. After passing, it is transferred to Luxemburg by being transferred to the train, by rail to Luxembourg. When it arrives, the trailers are delivered to the desired delivery points by road with trucks.

At the same time, intermodal transportation is a method in which modes of transportation are changed, but no action is taken on the load during this time. During this method, at least two different transportation methods are used.


One of the important advantages of intermodal transportation, in which the tracking and carrying the cargo in the healthiest way, is applying the price policies. In this transportation method, in which sea, rail and road can be used together, since there are regular loading, transportation and unloading opportunities, shipping operations are carried out at low costs.


Intermodal, which is a transportation method that uses all types of the transportation ways together, starts with land transportation. The product shipment starts with the land route and proceeds in this way for a certain period of time. After that, when suitable conditions are provided, transportation continues in the form of rail transportation. If rail transport is not possible, the transport of cargo continues by using sea or air vehicles. In intermodal methods, the shipment of the products is completed by using a trailer, wagon or container. One of the methods of intermodal transportation continues with the transportation of the products to the ports by road shipment and loading them on the ships there.

Then, upon arrival at the designated port, the loads are transferred to a train and sent to the destination. In this way, it is possible to send your cargo to different countries by using intermodal transportation effectively.

The only factor that changes in the intermodal transport system is intermodal transport, which is the mode of transport. Containers, trailers or wagons can be given as examples of transportation vehicles specified in intermodal transportation. Airways and seaways as well. The product shipment, which starts with the highways, may pass to the railroad after a certain period of time. At this point, it is possible to carry out intermodal transportation by rail and road if the vehicle in which the products and goods are transported does not change. Intermodal transportation can also be carried out in the form of bringing the desired cargo to the port by road and transferring it directly from the port to the ship, and then reaching the desired destination by trains. The transport vehicle, container or trailer containing the products does not undergo any change while these transfer operations are carried out.


Transportation methods that have started to become widespread in our country in recent years intermodal comes first. What comes to mind when it comes to intermodal transportation Pasfik Eurasia, one of the companies in the world, is a company with its technical equipment and Thanks to the professional teams on board, you can save your cargo from being loaded onto a trailer. One-to-one at all stages, from vehicle replacement during rail shipments. It provides quality and reliable service to its customers by following and supporting.


Europe is one of the continents where intermodal transportation is most preferred. Separate highways for your cargo shipments from Turkey to Europe transportation, sea transportation or rail transportation options you can use. But only to certain destinations, especially by rail and sea. Since you can ship, you can choose the intermodal method at the shipping points. You can take advantage of the vehicle exchange facilities.


Intermodal, which is one of the methods, brings all transportation methods together. It is a system that we can bring. Unlike all other transportation methods, it provides comes to the fore with advantages. One of the benefits of intermodal transportation is the effective use of time and resources. Way it is used. You can download from anywhere in Turkey. You can even send your cargo to the other end of the world using this transportation method. Possible. Because the whole road, railway and seaway Transport operations are carried out using the facilities Being a low-cost and fast method will require you to choose this method. Is one of the most important items. Less cost and more Thanks to this method, where performance comes together, you can transport your cargo to the other side of the world. You can send in the most effective way.


Some methods used in the transportation sector are environmentally friendly is often preferred. Intermodal transport, among all modes of transport it is one of the most environmentally friendly methods.



  • In intermodal transportation, the goods are reused in the process. Handling is prioritized.
  • The most important feature of freight transport is the equipment between modes. Free exchange. Container part of a truck, part of an airplane
  • can be transported in a railway vehicle or by sea transport. portable.
  • In intermodal transportation; loads, transport
  • They are not transferred from one unit to another.
  • In intermodal transport, between the loading and destination address for different modes of transport to be used, multiple carriers and carriage contract.
  • More than one carrier company is responsible for the process. Seaway-Road-Railway combination can be made

Switching between transport modes of products, between intermodal transport features it includes the use of available tools to avoid handling. In this way, an additional it is also aimed to save time without doing it. Different and advantageous Intermodal transportation, which has the features of it provides delivery to the delivery point without being handled. This is the most important mode of transport. Among its features is the porting of equipment between mods. For example, a truck the container part can be transported via a ship. Wagons, one of the railway vehicles it can also be transported by sea. In the process of operation, cargo and sundries only they switch to the other transport mode with the transport unit they are in. In intermodal transport it is possible to use maritime road and railway in the same shipment process.

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